Why use a professional pet sitter?

It's not a 'hobby job" for me. Pet sitting & dog walking has been my full-time business & career since 2004. I have liability insurance & bonding, a A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau of Akron, am a member of the trade association Pet Sitters International & am trainied in pet first aid & CPR. Your pets are my priority!

How far in advance should I book your services?

2 weeks please. New clients should schedule a free meet & greet at least 2 weeks in advance. This allows me to coordinate a meeting time that works for us both. Once you are an established client, I prefer as much notice as possbile, but a minimum of 48 hours, please. Holidays tend to book up quickly, so advance planning is essential. Please note that there is a $10 per visit surcharge for all holidays.

How do I book your services?

New clients please call about 2 weeks prior to needing pet sitting/dog walking services to set up time to for your free meet & greet. This is where I'll take down information about you, your pets, plants & household routine. We will discuss the number of visits you need & any special needs, such as giving medication or extra visits for puppies or senior dogs. The only thing you need to prepare is having a spare key ready. Once you are an established client with a key on file, just text or call with dates of service! Be sure to look for your RSVP call or text about 48 hours before you go so that there are no miscommunications. If you have not heard from me confirming your dates & the amount due about 48 hours prior to your leaving, contact me ASAP before you leave.

How do I know you were here?

On the last visit for pet sitting, I will leave you a written recap note detailing how your pets are doing & anything you should know about what happened while you were away. Dog walk clients will get a note after each visit. You are always welcome to text me to check in on your pets!

Can I check in with you to see how my pets are doing?

Of course! I normally don't initiate contact unless there is a question or problem. But feel free to text or call to see how everyone is doing! I will also leave you a written recap note at the end of the visits.

Who will be coming to my home?

Just me! I am the only pet sitter/dog walker at Peace of Mind Pet & Plant Sitting. I do have subsititue sitters that I use during my vacation time. If a substitute is needed, I will arrange a meeting with you & your pets prior to their coming into your home. In case of an emergency on my part, I have 2 trusted sitters who know how to access files & keys.

What happens with my key?

It is my standard business practice to keep your key on file, locked in my safe, when its not in use. This allows clients ease of booking future visits via call or text. I have also helped many clients out of 'lock out' situations because I had their key! Of course, you may have your key returned at any point.

Do you take credit cards? Peer to peer payments?

Yes & No! I accept cash, check, Venmo & Zelle. I DO NOT accept credit cards or payment via PayPal, CashApp, Google Pay or Apple Pay. Payment is due at the first visit for vacation care or "as needed" visits. Dog walks are to be paid weekly.

Do you stay overnight at my home?

No. Overnight stays are not a service I provide.

How do I know you will remember to take care of my pets?

You will receive an RSVP text or call from me about 48 hours before you leave. I will also remind you of the payment amount to leave before you go (check or cash ONLY). IF YOU DO NOT HEAR FROM ME PRIOR TO LEAVING, PLEASE CALL ME IMMEDIATELY BEFORE YOU LEAVE TOWN!

What should I do when I return home?  What if my plans change?

When you return home from traveling, please call/text to let me know your pets are back in your care. It is not necessary to contact me after dog walks. If your travel plans change, please call or text so that I can continue service until you return or conduct an early cleanup prior to your arrival. Any unused visits can be credited toward future visits or refunded. There is no cancellation fee for visits booked but later cancelled. Please do give as much notice as possible, however.

What's the best way to contact you?  Can I just call you?

Yes! Please do!! I am out & about taking care of pets during the day & evenings too, so the easiest way to get in touch is to call or text me at 330-289-5825. Email is my least preferred method of communicating, as I am only working in the office a few mornings a week & don't have the opportunity to check email often.

Can I book your services for plant sitting or house sitting only?

Yes! I take care of a number of homes for winter travelers & those who are gone long term. The regular rate of $17 per visit applies as does the $10 holiday surcharge. Each visit generally lasts about 20 minutes. Please call me to discuss your needs!

Tell me more about your Insurance & Bonding...

This business is my full time & only source of income, so I take it very seriouslly. I am not a "hobby" pet sitter. I carry business liability insurance & am fully bonded. I have a clean background check thru Acutraq Background Screenings & am a member of Pet Sitters International, a trade association for professional pet sitters. Peace of Mind Pet & Plant Sitting has earned an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau of Akron & have been given their Gold Star Award 5 times.

What's the difference between pet sitting & dog walking?

Pet sitting is for when you are traveling (or out for the evening) & your pets are in need of care in your home. We can go for walks as well. Most dogs do great with 3 visits per day; cats, fish & cage pets once per day. Visits generally last about 20 minutes. Dog walks usually occur mid-day Monday thru Friday while you are working. This gives them a potty break & exercise. Walks can be set up on a regular schedule or an 'as needed' basis. Visits generally last about 20 minutes & are scheduled to accomodate an effiicient route each day. New clients should schedule a free meet & greet about 2 weeks prior to needing services. Established clients, please schedule at least 48 hours in advance.

What if I don't live in Cuyahoga Falls or Tallmadge?  Will you still come to my home?

In most cases, no. In order to take the best care of my clients' pets & allow some personal time for myself (while working 7 days a week & holidays), it's necessary to keep my service area small. I cover most of Cuyahoga Falls (44221 & 44223) & Tallmadge (44278), Ohio. There is a pet sitter locator on Pet Sitters International where you will be able to find the profile of a professional pet sitter who does cover your area.

Do you work holidays?

Yes! As a professional pet sitter, clients expect me to be available during holidays. However, there is a $10 per visit surcharge for all holidays. Holidays visits tend to book up, so please schedule early.

How many times a day do you come to my home?

When dogs are involved, I normally visit 3 times a day: first thing in the morning (usually around 7am), mid-afternoon (usually between 2pm-4pm) & bedtime (usually between 8pm-9pm). Each visit generally lasts about 20 minutes. Timing of visits will vary depending on that day's schedule & efficient routing. I take a break between 4pm & 8pm most days. For cats, fish & caged pets, I normally visit 1 time a day & it usually occurrs in the morning or afternoon. Indoor plant visits are normally 1 to 2 times a week & will be fit in during my regular route for the day, usually in the morning or afternoon. Outdoor flowers & plants during the summer months may need daily watering, depending on weather. We can make a plan during our free meet & greet! I would be happy to discuss extra visits for senior pets, puppies, cats or other situations.

How long are you at my home?

Each visit generally lasts about 20 minutes.

I have security cameras and/or an alarm system.  Is that a problem?

No! These days you can't be too careful. Please let me know of the cameras & their locations at our free meet & greet. We will also go over your alarm system & you can give me a code at that time.

Do you ever take your own vacation?

Yes. While I am available for clients & their pets 7 days a week, including holidays, I do take my own vacaton once or twice a year. I use substitute sitters to cover visits & will introduce the subsitute to you & your pets prior to my time off. Substitutes are usually pet sitting clients themselves, so they understand your worry about your pets & home first hand! Clients are normally notified in advance of my upcoming time off so everyone can plan accordingly.